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"The Settling of the West," 1936, by Edward Quigley, one of several WPA murals inside Portland's Irvington School

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stairs to Love

It's raining so it's a good day to walk. Why? Because chances are it's going to stop soon and it'll be you, the mist, the trees and maybe a rainbow. But if you hate cold and damp, there are still good places to explore. These are four of my favorite Portland indoor public places, clockwise from top left:

Portland City Hall
The Pioneer Courthouse's cupola
Multnomah County Library's Central Library
The Portland Armory, now home to Portland Center Stage.

I write about them in The Portland Stairs Book. Yes, you have to walk outside to get to all of them, but that's what food carts and coffee shops are for. Enjoy November.

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